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As with every new product, there will be a learning curve. During our prototype and market testing, we found some who immediately, and with ease took to FeltLite’s design, while others took a bit longer to adjust. Ideally, work first with FeltLite away from the table so as not to distract you from your game.

The homepage video will answer most questions but should you have more, read on. If still not covered please submit additional questions or comments for posting.

The light sensors are not working– Be sure you have a fresh battery in place to start, but most likely it is because the on/off button (located next to the LED) has not been clicked “on” to ready the sensors.

How long is the battery life?– We are working with the manufacturer to estimate duration based on the “load” of the electronic circuitry. Since the LED is triggered intermittently, the battery life is excellent and during the 1 ½ years of prototype testing, we have yet needed to replace a battery.

How do I replace the battery?– The CR2032 is the most commonly used lithium battery and is easy to find. Please refer to the video for a demonstration but basically, remove/replace the battery mount from the backside of the “housing” through the slit opening.

Can FeltLite be worn on either wrist?– Absolutely, and will be player specific based on preference and “hole card” viewing style.

I am having trouble adjusting my viewing style to press the sensors comfortably.– All players tested (some needing practice) were able to adjust their style and easily trigger the LED sensor. If a player prefers to not actually wear the wristband, FeltLite can still be used. Simply set the wristband flat on the table felt with the LED positioned towards the “hole cards”. When ready to view apply pressure to the sensor pad on the band.

What if there are a lot of “misfires”– FeltLite was designed to be as sensitive as possible for ease of use, and to function on a soft surface. Misfires are likely but to remedy this, simply push on the housing or squeeze the band to form around your wrist. With our testing, we have found that over time, FeltLite seems to “get to know” it’s player and misfires become less of an issue. If this problem does not resolve for you, we’ll switch it out!

What if the LED does not shut off?– During testing, this occurred once and was solved by clicking the sensor ready button off and then on again.

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